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During the last 20 years TSS has developed a very efficient, structured and technological process to work with its customers and suppliers.

The IT systems, produced by software specialists on the basis TSS’s requirements, work around and on the basis of our CMS (Content Management Software), an advanced application that combine data-bases, searching machines, web infrastructure and on-line continuous updating for a big number of users distributed worldwide.

It is a very modern and web-based program that manages more than 200.000 items, 4.000 manufacturers, dozens of tables with data and information, and hundreds of customers organized by ship’s names.

This software allows TSS staff to work worldwide in real time on all the info available, both daily updated and historical.

The process driven by CMS follows all the steps of TSS work, from the requests of customers to the delivery of goods, also managing possible claims and related solutions.

This informatic infrastructure and the process that come from, allows TSS to reach the certification for management of technical ship supplies by ISO 9001 standard.

All the staff of TSS is continuously updated with specific education in order to get the necessary skills for working with CMS and its upgrades


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